March 20, 2012
Participating in Bahrain Animal and Production Show 2012
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Bahrain Animal Productions Show 2012

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Bahrain with Population of about 1 million and area of about 700 KmĀ² is situated in Gulf region.

Many people in Bahrain have been breeding birds among other domesticated animals since early ages. At present the hobby breeders of birds are estimated in thousands. In fact it is very logical to assume that Bahrain has highest bird breeders (as a hobby) per Population per area in the world.

Zebra finch and budgerigar are among the top most popular birds that are currently been owned and bred as a hobby in Bahrain.

This popularity might be attributed to the beauty, the relative ease in maintaining and breeding these bird species, the availability of many mutation and the challenges for producing a better birds in terms of mutation and quality such as size and features.

At present it is difficult to accurately estimate the number of Zebra finch and budgerigar breeders in the country which surely runs in thousands. However, a fact that a big portion of worlds' best quality Zebra and budgerigar mutations are either bred or imported to this country might give an idea as how important this hobby has become to many people in Bahrain.

The idea of establishing a society or a group for fanciers had been s dream circulating in the country for many years. The dream ultimately has come to reality as a concrete steps toward this was taken in 2009 during the first Zebra Finch and budgerigar Show held in Bahrain where many bird lovers and fanciers participated either by exhibiting their birds or sharing ideas in sidelines of the show. This followed by a show in 2010 and a show which was organized by Government (Al Maraei) in 2011.

The society will organize its next show in January 2012 in Bahrain which it is expected that many members, followers and fanciers participate in the show.

The aim of society is to bring awareness to the bird fanciers, to help them raise their standards by adopting unified criteria and procedures that will eventually lead to the development of the hobby in Bahrain. Furthermore, the creation of society will help share experience and knowledge in fields such as bird health, breeding methods, housing methods, showing and presenting of birds and establishing a benchmark to which breeders will adhere to as an "ideal bird" which will be the ultimate goal of all hobby breeders to achieve.

Bahrain Zebra and budgerigar Society is created by dedicated people that with the help of the other members and fanciers are aiming to establish Bahrain as a regional and international hub for maintaining, breeding and further developing avian species such as Zebra, Budgerigar and other finches.

Dr Khalid Al - Ameer